Recent Projects

We are working toward projects in various stages of design, development and implementation

Royal Henley Seniors Apartments "The Rennie" is now open

Ground Breaking - Beamsville Seniors aka The Jacob

The Jacob - Beamsville Retirement Residence - Construction Begins

Martindale Commons - is open

Private Residence - Port Colborne

Glenridge Townhouse Development

Fire Hall Renovation - a new addition to the residential suite above the 2M office.

Year-round retreat at Cave Springs. See Link --->

Job Opportunities

Zoom Bicycles and Tours completey rebuilt and open!

Peninsula Inn conversion to a Retirement Center is underway

13th Street Winery Gallery Open for Visiting

8302 Mcleod, Pinewood Dental is open

Cave Springs Camp New Legacy Hall is under construction, Opening March 2020

Vieni Wines Banquet hall open soon